Monday, February 07, 2011

Casting Dos Coyotes: Seeking Carlos. 30s, male, Hispanic

Casting Dos Coyotes, a full-length play about privilege, home, and escape from “prosperity.” Performances at Manhattan Repertory Theater, 303 W 42nd Street, NYC, March 19, 20 and 24.


Carlos: 30s, male, Hispanic; solid, protective.

Piper: 20s, female, Caucasian; idealistic, energetic, courageous.

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Auditions by appointment. Rehearsals to begin as soon as casting is completed, schedule will be flexible, to meet the needs of the actors.

This is a non-union, non-showcase production, Dos Coyotes is part of the Manhattan Rep’s Winterfest 2011. Pays $10 per show.

Piper is escaping from a privileged life, Carlos is caught in the middle of his attempt to achieve American prosperity. They bond and help each other complete their journeys.


A Play by Kurt Opprecht

A Mexican worker on the run from his present finds himself harboring a rich white girl on the run from her culture. Can they be each others’ coyotes?

It’s New Year’s Eve and undocumented Mexican worker Carlos Velasquez discovers a little something special in the recycling bin behind the store where he works; 25-year-old Piper Wills. Disenchanted with her privileged life, she has moved out of her home and into Carlos’s recycling dumpster.

Despite the fact that Carlos has been trying cross into the world that Piper is trying to escape, the two forge a bond as the night carries them into the new year. Like the “coyotes” hired by aspiring laborers south of the border, Carlos and Piper might be each other’s ticket across; but does their journey take them where they thought they were going?

Playwright Kurt Opprecht first conceived the story for Dos Coyotes several years ago in William Packard’s playwriting class at HB Studios in Manhattan. The script has since undergone two readings and at least three major rewrites, and benefited from participation in TerraNOVA Collective’s “Groundbreakers” series. It is Kurt’s first full-length play. One act plays of his include, “Devil in a Pink Slip,” “Parallel Universe,” and “Argentina.”

Kurt Opprecht is a writer and editor in New York City. He was an active member of Billionaires for Bush, and edited their book, "How to Rule the World for Fun and Profit" (Avalon Books). Kurt teaches writing at Gotham Writer’s Workshop, runs the Bananafish Writers Groups in NYC, and is a certified professional coach.

The son of a rocket scientist and a financial planner, Kurt was born and raised in Utah. He earned a degree in Philosophy at Reed College in Portland, Oregon and a BS in Communications at Southern Utah State. After several years in Tokyo, writing, acting and teaching English, he moved to New York, where he currently lives in the East Village.


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