Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NYTimes: Iraq War Ends!

A progressive group published a spoof edition of the New York Times and distributed it today throughout NYC. The paper, dated July 4, 2009, "reports" news of a world in which much of the world's ills have been solved, headlines proclaim "Iraq War Ends", "Ex-Secretary Apologizes for W.M.D. Scare", "Maximum Wage Law Succeeds", "Nationalized Oil To Fund Climate Change Efforts" among many others. It's a remarkable facsimile, right down to the advertisements -- the back cover is a full-page "ad" for military contractor, KBR, proclaiming its devotion to peaceful "solutions", hospitals, schools, sanitation and training. Well done.

The legitimate New York Times covers the spoof edition on their own site here: Liberal Pranksters Hand Out Times Spoof

Friday, November 07, 2008

New World Order

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Just like with the Bush years, sometimes our greatest fears are realized, and then some.